Pop-science session

“Going deeper” – popular science session in Kraków

One of the most important needs of modern societies is to improve the quality of communication between scientists and the general public. Palaeontologists and fossil reef researchers who know more than any other profession about reef extinctions in the geological past, along with experts in modern reef environments, will provide fascinating grounds for debate about the possible causes of extinctions, survival, and the long-term impact of reef extinctions on global ecosystems. A popular science session organized in the center of beautiful Kraków with the participation of leading media and the general public will be an ideal event to draw attention to the subject we are so fascinated with.

Proposed topics:
– Present day and fossil coral reefs (with special focus on mesphotic environments)
– Acidification of the ocean: past and presence
– Pollution and reef life…
– From water to coral and from coral to limestone – how corals and rocks are formed