European Centre for Geological Education, Chęciny (ECEG): The ECEG is a multi-functional research and development center within the structures of the University of Warsaw, a meeting place for geologists from around the world. ECEG is located in an old, exploited quarry, about 500 m from the ruins of a medieval royal castle. The ECEG offers a spacious layout, fully equipped auditoriums and didactic rooms, and includes a contemporary hotel with modern amenities.

The ECEG is located in the Holy Cross Mountains (HCM) which are of great geologic interest as their rocks illustrate 560 million years of Earth’s history and are exposed over a relatively small area. Briefly, the central part of HCM is composed of Palaeozoic rocks, usually referred to as the Palaeozoic core. The presence of a Mesozoic margin reflects the post-Laramide erosion that removed the Mesozoic strata from the central part.